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PALSUN® Facades & Canopies in Lithuanian Shopping Centers

PALSUN® flat polycarbonate panels were chosen to replace glass in facades and canopies of shopping centers in Lithuania. Through our Lithuanian distributor Avisma, Palram matched the characteristics of the original glass panels and provided a solution that is more durable than glass, and is safer for the visitors to the shopping centers.

The Challenge

Akropolis is the owner of several shopping centers in Lithuania. As in many such centers around the world, they have entrance canopies and facades covered with glass panels. Two years ago, a few panels cracked due to temperature variations, fell from the canopy, and injured several visitors. Akropolis decided to replace all the glass panels with a durable and safe glazing material. But in order to save costs, the new glazing solution had to be installed using the existing infrastructure holding the glass panels.

Palram’s Winning Proposition

  • Palram offered to replace the glass with PALSUN® flat solid polycarbonate panels. PALSUN® maintains the glass look but unlike glass it does not break.
  • Palram matched the original colors of the glass and produced PALSUN® in clear, as well as two customized shades of gray and green.
  • Before shipping the panels to the customer, Palram cut them into 14 different sizes in order to match the dimensions of the glass panels.
  • Palram studied the existing installation system of the glass during an on-site visit to Lithuania. Palram’s engineering team later produced installation instructions.
  • Specific to this project, allowing the contractor to re-use the existing metal fittings used previously for the glass.
  • During installation, Palram sent a supervisor to the construction site, to train the installers on proper glazing methods with PALSUN®.

A Story of Successful Cooperation

In this project, Palram experts worked directly with the engineering department in Akropolis. The customer relied on Palram for planning down to the very fine details, engineering consulting from start to finish, and installation supervision. Akropolis saved the cost of external planners and consultants. In addition, Akropolis’s engineers

commented that Palram was the only polycarbonate manufacturer that was willing to go the extra mile and produce the panels identical to the original glass in terms of colors and dimensions. After completing the first three shopping centers, we are expecting additional projects in other Akropolis outlets across Lithuania.


The Details

Product: PALSUN® 10, 13 and 14 mm

Coverage: 7,000 SQM

Customer: Avisma, Lithuania

Palram contact: Marketing: Alexey Panfilov | Sales: Jitka Vaclavkova