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The Zakho Sport Club is an Iraqi Premier League Football Club from the city of Zakho, In the Dohuk province of Iraq. The club has a loyal and boisterous group of fans. The Zahko's Team color is red and this color was set to play an important role in Palram's unique and out of the box solution.


The Challenge

The new stadium, which was destined to become the pride of the much-loved Zakho Football Club, required lightweight, extremely durable polycarbonate roof panels to protect spectators from the blazing summer sun and pouring winter rains.



Palram’s long-lasting SUNPAL multiwall polycarbonate architectural panels block ultraviolet rays to protect spectators and stadium infrastructure. Because Palram recognizes that image and brand can be supported through architectural aesthetics,

Palram custom developed a “Zakho Red” panel color to further enhance the stadium’s affiliation with the team while building brand awareness and equity. Palram’s multi-layer color capabilities resulted in the construction of panels that feature the bold” Zakho Red” on the exterior and an aesthetically-pleasing white on the interior. The “Zakho Red” that was specially created for the stadium by Palram was an unexpected, added bonus!


Palram Coverage

SUNPAL® - ML Red/White and Clear Diffuser Plus 18mm Multiwall Panel System Roof (12,000 sqm) and perimeter siding (2,000 sqm).


Palram In Action

The moment the Zakho International Stadium team saw Palram’s SUNPAL multiwall polycarbonate panels in the Zakho Football Club’s custom “Zakho Red”, they switched over from their original European supplier in favor of Palram.

Where football is a deep and abiding passion, Palram’s football-club inspired “Zakho Red” was the dealmaker. The fact the deep red SUNPAL multiwall polycarbonate panels, which Palram was mass-producing for the first time, would effectively shade spectators on sweltering summer days was also a key consideration. In addition to providing thermal insulation, they accommodate expansion and contraction and suit both curved and flat roofing and cladding applications. 


Durable and lightweight, the “Zakho Red” multiwall panels provide spectators respite from the intense sun. On damp, wet winter days, the non-permeable, leak-free roof slopes down and out toward the exterior walls to keep both the field and the spectators as dry as possible. In fact, after personally experiencing the full effects of the SUNPAL panels’ superior esthetics and blocking capabilities, the design team decided to add perimeter siding – another 2,000 sqm.


At the Zakho International Stadium, the roof’s inner perimeter is SUNPAL Clear Diffuser, which evenly disperses the bright daylight and maximizes the health of the field’s natural grass. The SUNPAL Clear Diffuser panels also soften the shadows created under the roof to enhance the spectators’ viewing experience.


Like every single Palram polycarbonate product, the SUNPAL advanced multiwall system completely blocks the ultraviolet rays to protect both the spectators and the infrastructure from the sun’s most damaging rays. On this particular project, Palram provided an extra layer of its UV coating to ensure the SUNPAL will not degrade or yellow in Zakho’s sunny environment. As a result, Palram was comfortable providing a significantly extended warranty on this SUNPAL installation.


To accommodate the stadium’s perfect oval shape, some SUNPAL rectangular panels had to be diagonally cut into trapezoids and the sheets were glazed along the diagonal line. When you’re ready to discuss your project’s unique challenges and aesthetics with a Palram design and technical expert, please contact