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Palruf (Durashield) on the Abrolhos Islands, Australia

Palruf (Durashield) on the Abrolhos Islands, Australia

The Abrolhos Islands are scattered off the western coast of Australia. A population of fishermen lives on the islands during the fishing season. They fish for lobsters, scallops and pearl oysters. 

Like in other saltwater coastal areas, the fishermen in the Abrolhos suffer from the corrosion of metal sheets used for roofing and cladding of their houses and sheds. Palram’s Palruf corrugated PVC sheets, known in Australia as Durashield, proved to be the best solution to replace the metal. By exhibiting superior product quality and providing a holistic roofing solution, Palram convinced the islanders to choose Durashield over the competition. 


Palram’s Winning Proposition

•Durashield corrugated PVC sheets withstand the harsh salty environment along the islands’ shore

•Along with the sheets, Palram supplied custom-bent PVC flashings, as well as stainless steel fixings and butyl rubber for sealing 

•Palram’s experts provided installation advice, as well as a maintenance program

•Lab reports were used to show that competitor sheets include heavy metals, while Durashield is metal free

•Durashield prevented heat accumulation in the buildings, far better than the metal sheets


Evolution of  Durashield’s Success

The customer in Abrolhos Islands received positive referral from a Durashield mining project in West Australia. 

The successful implementation of Durashield in the Abrolhos is now leveraged in discussions to use Palclad Pro for internal cladding of island facilities.

Palruf (Durashield) on the Abrolhos Islands, Australia