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Acoustic Tunnel, Hong Kong - PALGLAS® Flat Extruded Acrylic Sheet
Palram’s translucent Palglas sheets were used to create a stunningly beautiful highway tunnel through a  Hong Kong  valley. This acoustic barrier dramatically decreases the level of noise produced by the heavy traffic.

The Challenge
The multi-lane highway, which cuts through the heart of Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun district, created a significant environmental challenge for its citizens. Of the district’s 500,000 residents, the people living closest to the roadway were constantly exposed to extreme traffic noise and emissions, while drivers were often distracted by the intense sunlight and resulting glare

The Solution
The Hong Kong Highway Department completely covered a 500-meter section of the highway in Palram’s acrylic PALGLAS® product creating an acoustic tunnel that dramatically reduces the noise. The 15 mm PALGLAS® is translucent and diffuses the powerful sunlight while still transmitting 68% of it into the tunnel. As importantly, sunlight isn’t reflected off the tunnel’s exterior thanks to the matte finish on the exterior surface

Palram Coverage:
Approximately 20,000 SQM of translucent blue PALGLAS® acrylic with a matte finish fully encloses the tunnel.

Palram In Action
The Hong Kong Highway Department knew that the day-to-day health and quality of life of Tuen Mun residents living along the bustling seaside district’s major expressway were compromised by the consistent, loud vehicle noise.

Fortunately, Palram’s PALGLAS® acrylic product, a highly effective transparent acoustic barrier, greatly reduces roadway noise. A busy six-lane highway typically produces up to 80 decibels, which is unbearable for people over the long-term. Acceptable, comfortable environmental noise levels were achieved with the installation of Palram’s PALGLAS® acrylic acoustic barrier.

To ensure Palram’s PALGLAS® delivered the promised noise reduction, the designer had a highly specialized Italian laboratory test Palram’s PALGLAS®. Once Goldford Engineering received confirmation from the objective, third-party experts, the Hong Kong Highway Department readily committed to fully enclosing 500 meters of roadway with Palram’s PALGLAS® 15 mm to maximize noise reduction.

In addition, PALGLAS® was specified with a matte exterior finish to effectively ensure the sunlight isn’t reflected toward the surrounding residential and commercial towers. The sheets were provided translucent blue, effectively diffusing the strong sunlight which makes the bright light coming into the tunnel less distracting and easier on the drivers’ eyes. At the same time, the sheets provide the drivers in the tunnel with a window to the outside world, and a sense of driving out in the open.

At night, the tunnel’s interior lighting system combined with the vehicles’ head and taillights creates a stunning, unforgettable visual light spectacle as it curves and undulates through the valley.

Notably, Palram supplied a complete solution, which included the Palram PALGLAS® sheets as well as the aluminum frames that hold the panels in place along with any related accessories.
If you have an acoustic challenge, Palram is always available to discuss effective solutions.

  • Product: PALGLAS® 15mm, translucent blue 68% light transmission
  • Coverage: 20,000 SQM
  • Owner: Hong Kong Highway Department Designer:  Goldford  Engineering Contractor: Sonotec Far East Ltd.