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SUNGLAZE® Roof, Garraunkilla Farmers Market, Ireland
The Garraunkill Farmers Market is a striking new structure in the historic picturesque town of Ennis, Clare County, Ireland. The enclosed structure provides shoppers with an open market experience due to the streaming daylight entering the structure through the transparent SUNGLAZE™ roof.

The Challenge
The designers were tasked to provide a non-diffusive and glass-like roof so that market goers would have an unobstructed view of the sky and the associated open air market look and feel. The initial design was based on a sloped glass roof, which required off-site pre-forming of as well as the complicated logistics associated with heavy constructing grade plate glass.

Palram's Solution
SUNGLAZE™ 4/600 clear rafter type system was Palram's solution to the achieving glass-like clarity with 90% light transmission. One of the primary key factors to this project as Palram's Project Support Team early stage coordination with the architect P. Coleman & Associates and the contractor O'Brien Builders & Civil Engineering. This involvement included preparing custom installation guides and details as well as on-site visits during installation.

Project in Detail
Garraunkilla Farmers Market According to Mr. Paddy Coleman, the architectural firm's Director, the roof was originally with a plate glass roof. Palram's SUNGLAZE solid polycarbonate standing seam architectural system allowed for a more elaborate and visually appealing design. With Palram’s assistance, O’Brien Builders & Civil Engineering Contractors’ installed the 14 meters long SUNGLAZE 4/600 clear rafter type system over 322 square meters of internal floor area without a hitch. All forming was performed on site via cold curving directly done on the roof.

The installation team commented that is was a quick and simple system to install and that they would be more than happy to use Sunglaze again,” relates Craig Walker, United Kingdom and European Marketing Technical Support, Palram. Similarly, the folks at the Clare County Council were pleased with the market’s eye catching addition to their quaint, historical town as Ennis Mayor Ann Norton stated, “this very significant investment by Clare County Council in the heart of Ennis will enhance the market to standards expected in the modern age.” Echoing these sentiments, Walker explains, “the client was extremely happy with the finished installation and fulfilled the vision of the architect. They were happy with the bright open and naturally-lit space the building created.”

The Details
Architect: P. Coleman & Associates
Location: Ennis, County Clare, Ireland
Year of completion: 2017
Product: SUNGLAZE 4/600, clear Coverage: 400 sqm
Sales: Craig Walker Marketing: Alexey Panfilov